SEN Training & Workshops

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GPS – Giving Parents Spirit:  Raising a child with SEND is one of the most stressful jobs. This workshop gives parents the tools to recognise stress triggers, look at how they can deal better with stressful situations and put in strategies which allow them to Bounce Back

One day session followed by a revisit/virtual revisit half day session one month later.

One Page Profiles – a great introduction to person centred planning:  A great introduction to one page profiles and how families can use the thinking behind them to help make positive plans for their children’s future.

Half day session

Safeguarding Children with SEN and/or Disabilities  :  A half day workshop aimed at practitioners and/or parents.  Understanding and addressing the issues which make children with SEND over 3 times more likely to be victims of abuse.

One half day session

Early Support Capacity Building – Key-working in Practice & Early Support Capacity Building – Working in Partnership  :  Key-working in Practice looks at how keyworking can benefit both families and practitioners, Working in Partnership looks at the benefits of working together and provides tools for practitioners and families to help them work together for improved outcomes for families.

Key-working in Practice – two day sessions

Working in Partnership – one day session

Positive Parity with Parents:  Working with tired and stressed parents can be challenging. Often it is a “them and us” relationship. Learn how to overcome those barriers and work effectively together as a team for the benefit of the child.

Two half day sessions.

Buy One Get One Free:  This session can be offered to service providers or we can do this as a joint session where each service provider is given a complimentary place for a parent to attend with t

Today – Parental Perspective:  A course aimed at new service providers to give them a more comprehensive view of the challenges families raising a child with disabilities face.

One half day session

Vital Links:  Training for drivers, escorts and other carers working with SEN children. Empowering them to build effective inter-personal skills with both the families and other providers.

One half day session

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