Feedback- Workshops

Feedback from the various courses

Positive Parity with Parents

  • One of the best training sessions I have ever attended
  • Excellent training course, very inspiring. Have also heard from others carers that it has a good reputation.
  • I really enjoyed the session, It was very informative and both teachers were very friendly
  • Very nicely explained and all the thing what I need to develop my skills. 
  • I have learned a lot from here and the way of communication is really good and understandable.
  • I enjoyed this training and so much appreciated the theory and practical approach. I loved it and it was excellent.
  • The training was excellent. 
  • I enjoyed this course very much, very helpful.  It was great to hear how the parents have to handle day to day live.

One Page Profiles:

  • Brilliant, informative, introspective and funny
  • Amazing.  It has helped to make me feel positive and inspired me to go home and produce one for my daughter
  • Excellent.  Debs was inspiring.
  • Great personal illustrations how one page profiles have been useful.
  • Very inspirational for parents, changing our perspective to enjoy our child

Giving Parents Spirit

  •  I am leaving feeling stronger and like I can do this
  • Brought it all together well and gives me a great way to focus
  • Really good, lots to think about
  • An uplifting session, made me realise I am on the right track
  • This was just what I needed – thank you
  • Thank you so much – an eye opener
  • I was expecting something more formal so this was a refreshing surprise.
  • Very useful.  Have taken away many ideas and strategies
  • Really useful.  I think I will be able to deal with things better and in a better way.  It was fab!
  • Would definitely recommend this to others

Early Years SENCO training (Kent)

  • To listen to parents
  • To take time out for parents
  • Now understand I need to give positives about a child and many more – One amazing women
  • Inspirational lady – opened up my eyes how the parents would be feeling with a child with a diagnosis
  • Realised all the things that a parent won’t get told
  • Very thought provoking, will certainly think about how I approach /talk to parents
  •  Amazing insight to the ‘World of Parenting disabled children
  • Fantastic presentation, reminded me of why I am in the job role I am in, to help parents/carers/children
  • The view of the parent was very powerful and will help me with dealing with parent/carers
  • This was a fantastic workshop
  • Debs was Amazing
  • Amazing!  Respect.

There are also further comments below from people who have attended the various courses I offer.


9 thoughts on “Feedback- Workshops

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this Safeguarding training…it was interesting informative and fun. I would recommend anyone with children to attend. I learned so much and have already started to implement some of the strategies learnt.

  2. Train thr Trainer course Early Support.
    Deb ran this course and was brilliant. Deb at times was put in many a difficult postion through no fault of her own and managed to adapt and change the course to suit the needs of the practationers attending. Deb made additions which really have been so helpful in delivering this training in our local area. If we could have a Deb in our area it would be wonderful. An excellent trainer.

  3. I found the training for Early Support that Debs led excellent. She is able to adapt materials very quickly to suit her audience if necessary. She grabs the attention of the listener with practical examples and solutions. We also were lucky enough to have Debs lead on our safeguarding training for children with SEND. This was without doubt the most relevant and useful safeguarding traing I had ever taken part in!

  4. Capacity Building Training for Early Support
    Debs was a fantastic trainer, just what you need to inspire you!
    Debs responded to the group well and changed things around to suit us.
    Thank you Debs.

  5. The Early Support training that Deb led for us in Surrey was excellent. She did not stick rigidly to the prescribed package and instead took us through a relevant and insightful training experience. She was attentive to where we were at as a group and individually and really bought the training to live. The Safeguarding Training she provided for us was also tailor made and delivered in a down to earth/ practical way.
    Thanks again Debs

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