New pilot for Kent – Community Circles

What are Circles?

The idea of a circle is both simple and ancient. A circle is simply a group of people who come together regularly with a common purpose, who think and talk together, then agree and take actions that will further that purpose. It’s based on humanity and human relationships, and on the way that a group of people working together can harness their mental and physical resources toward a common end.

Is this national or just a Kent project?

Community Circles is a national project.  You can find out more about Community Circles at their website, on their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

We’re exploring how to create Community Circles at scale, using person-centred practices, so everyone can benefit.

CC LogoWhat is happening in Kent?

We are currently recruiting facilitators; and families who are interested in getting involved in a pilot to see how we can build connections and resilience.

Facilitators will help to co-ordinate and run the Circles on behalf of the families, with objectivity.  They will receive training in order to provide a person centred approach for the families.

Families will be looking to create a Circle to help them to achieve goals.

‘Circles of Support’ already improve the lives of a small minority of people in thousands of diverse ways.  How can we share the effectiveness of circles so that they touch the lives of many more people, and become a tool for building connection and resilience in Kent?

Who would benefit?

One issue that is common to many people who have long term illness or disability is that they become socially isolated. Here it becomes necessary to consciously build circles and connections with the person, because for some people connection does not occur easily or automatically.

Sometimes a circle can even begin with just the focus person and one other person making a commitment to work to build a circle of support around the person, however difficult that is, and however long it takes. This more ‘intentional’ work of building connections in order to overcome a person’s social isolation is what is meant by a ‘circle of support’.

Get Involved?

If you are interested in learning more or would like to get involved, please email debs.circles@gmail or ring 07805 232399.






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