GPS: Giving Parents Strategies

20140105-132341Being a secret hippy, I love self-help books and blogs.

The more I read, the more ideas I get on how some of the strategies could help other parents of children with disabilities or special educational needs.  The strategies to “bounce back” after a bad day, the strategies to be resilient after a bad experience in the supermarket and the strategies to know where to go for support.

I know however, that I am fortunate to have the time to read through these books, I also know they are not the chosen reading for everyone.

So I have spent the last month or so working on a new workshop.  A workshop aimed specifically at parents, taking ideas from a number of books and providing some really practical ideas on how to survive the Jungle we live in.  I have used these strategies personally for the last few months and the difference they have made is immense. My hubby and kids are benefitting from a less-stressed out me and in turn, they too are calmer and happier (except this morning, when “back to school” arrived)!

GPS: Giving Parents Strategies.  There are several amazing courses out there on helping families to cope but many of them require 5-10 weeks commitment from families and to be honest, that is something that deterred me personally.  I know of many parents who have attended them and had great feedback but for me, with a short attention span and a chaotic life, I prefer “short and sweet”.

I am mum to three children, under 10, all with a variety of SEN/Disability, all statemented, all in different schools and I have my fingers in many pies (too many pies) so time is not something I want to give up, especially when it is a course for “me”.  If it was a course on managing behaviour in my child or sleep issues for children, I would gladly give up months of my time but giving up time to do a workshop that is just about me – well that is a concept that I struggle with and I know I am not alone.

GPS is not a condensed version of any of the courses, it is original.  Why duplicate what is already out there?

GPS runs from 10-2 (working lunch) for one day and is informal and friendly.  6 weeks later, the parents are invited back for a fun coffee morning to see how the strategies are working.

Interested?  We will be running this in Ashford in January so get in touch if you want to find out more.



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